Donnerstag, 6. Juli 2017


JUL 11 - Berlin at Køpi with Creative Waste

informal greetings

Medicine Noose consists of the three of us. Channeling our experiences with the every day struggle, while setting the focus on the slow aspects of extreme alternative music. The name should be understood as a link between the genre specific habit of dealing with drug culture and our interpretation of it. Since we won't be on any other social network aside of this blogger thing, you'll be advised to keep returning every once in a while, as long as you're interested in our lousy little project.

There is a rehearsal room recording we digitally released as a demo some weeks ago. We're working on releasing it on cassette tapes, as well. Also, there will be a show with Creative Waste from Saudi Arabia.

Freitag, 23. Juni 2017

words to music

misdirected growth
The unspoiled body carries the seed. Young and helpless, pregnant with lies. Invert each bone of every vertebrate. Bone and marrow exchanged. Cut all the beaks from all the birds and pour them full of dust. Unleash your hate, unleash your lust. Kill all the slaves. The sun shines out of your ass. Reap your feelings and melt them to glass. Raise the stakes, praise the child, praise the bait. A bite for all of us to take. Fine lines of concrete cut your flesh. Towers grow through your skin. Suspended between heaven and hell. Small, weak and thin. Life was born to be decayed, now all of it just seems delayed. Kill your mother, choke the child, laugh and scream and die.

dead and gone
500 feet high and 50 feet square. Every few hours some minutes spare. Pull over your mask, your working mans shell. Your daydreams nightmare sleepwalks you to hell. And you broke the promise you made with yourself, shaking hands with the men who dig out your grave. Punch the clock, let go of your dreams, hammer the nails and welcome your grief. Now, three years later and six feet deep, a burned-out body is buried in greed. Three years later and six feet deep, your lights went out and you're gone. Dead and gone.


medicine noose - demo